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  • Teaching for a living is the one career that, I have always thought, is undoubtedly challenging. Just imagine the mere power of embracing the groundwork of a fresh mind. You glow. You have the wand to re-create, multiply or even alter the simple truths and facts. Teach a kid that apples are inedible and, you never know, later learn that the kid owes you to becoming a successful doctor. It is as simple and intricate as that.

    People never stop learning, some facts stick, some are forgotten, some replaced and some are taught. The powerful ones are the ones who teach. They lead you to the upper limit of the sky, to let you choose your own stars and name your constellation. And as Alexandra Trenfor (Educator) says,"The best teachers are those who tell you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see." 

    A day to all who I learnt from, to tell you that, what you teach will matter tomorrow too.

    Thank you.

    A Gift Package for a Friend, A Birthday surprise, themed on his enthusiastic moments on the metaphorical Gifted Bicycle Journey. The Highlighted moments were pictured on a series of coloured cards. The package ended with a note of Bon Voyage, for a wonderful journey and a bumpy ride ahead. 

    When I was all over the Television. 

    The streets and people of the remotest. The captured camera angles. The recorded actions and reactions. Opinions & Reflections. The solo voice. And an unplugged performance.

    Souvenirs around the World.

    I could have walked the World around, if I could. But the number of IF’s following the statement, just pushes it down the to-do-list. I do end up covering some parts of its area, geographically, across borders, between cities, within the city or maybe as short as the walk from my room to the kitchen. It has always been an experience, the act of travelling, ranging from being a dream, delight to even a disaster. New places fascinate me, more when I have multiple fascinated minds alongside. A good company and a wonderland. And a bag, for my annoying habit, completes my moment of heaven. This habit is an outcome of a ‘gene of preserving’, if that would ever exist, inherited from my GrandDad. Basically, I collect. EVERYTHING that talks, sounds, smells like the place I visited. Under normal sight of vision, it is trash. Weird OCD. I’m glad my mother still owns me.

    So, when I say, I could walk the World around, I realized I still can. When I spilled out the sack of Souvenirs. I did end up collecting the essence of most of the lands. Under the normal sight of vision, I was remembered in the strange lands. And believe me, being missed in the midst of the all fascination by my fellow-fascinated minds is really something.   

    An ancient Calligraphy book, lying all the while in my GrandDad’s Closet. Dating back to 1964. Precious Letterings. Worth a Look and Proud to share. Here are a glimpses of the pages, Roman, Gothic, Decorative glances, enjoy. :)

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